Education Abroad

Education is undoubtedly one of the most important things in our life. Some call it, and quite rightly, an investment which you make early in your life to use it later. Some people think that you can get a good education only in foreign countries.

While I agree that one can’t have high education for any profession in Georgia, it would be nonsense to claim that one can’t get a good education here in their home country. An average Georgian can have access to a very high variety of academic fields, for example in Tbilisi State University which has existed for almost a century now. There are also some private, mostly expensive universities that supply their students with a high quality education and up-to-date equipment.

Another thing that proves the quality of education in Georgia is a high amount of foreign students who opt to study in Georgia rather than other western countries. Maybe it’s largely because of the low prices here, but accessibility of educational system is also undoubtedly also very important.

In conclusion, I think that high education in Georgia is of very high quality and it’s not necessary to study abroad for Georgians.