Boys and girls should be taught separately or not

Education is one of the subjects of vital importance nowadays. There have been many debates whether boys and girls should be taught separately or together. Some people think that it’s highly profitable for children, but others argue that separate schools are examples of gender discrimination and sexism, which are subjects often struggled to nowadays.

Looking at the past, lots of adults who attended such schools think that studying separately helped them develop into persons what they are now. Because not being in mixed classes means absolutely no distraction in regard of opposite sex. They think that interacting with other sex looses children’s focus and concentration

On the other hand, in modern-day society gender equality is one of the most important qualities. People can study, work, preach, elect, get elected and now even marry (you know what I mean) and nobody cares who they are, men or women. So all-male or all-female classes seem to be kind of old fashioned. Acknowledging some successes this method will cause in academic field, some still think that separate schools will have negative impact on their later lives as they will have to start getting used to interacting with other sex only after 18. 

In Conclusion, separate teaching of boys and girl will surely cause important improvement in their education and academic performance, but some important social matters and issues will stem from it afterwards.